Located on Bloomington’s easily-accessible East side, Truffles opened on December 31, 2000, ringing in the new millennium with aplomb. As rare and wonderful as its namesake, Truffles offers New American, French, and Italian cuisine in a setting fit for casual or formal occasions. Owner Mark Kiang can be found behind 56 Degrees Bar or checking on tables many evenings, conversing with bar and restaurant patrons about any topic from wine to sports, or just offering a quiet welcome.  Paintings by famed sculptor and artist Jerald Jacquard are prominently featured, providing a visual feast to coincide with your dining experience.

Chef Robert Adkins composes masterpieces using locally-sourced, fresh ingredients that delight the senses. A key component of a culinary experience at Truffles is a fabulous wine pairing, which your server will deftly orchestrate.  From truffles to trout, from port to panna cotta, you can expect a symphony of sensory stimulation when you choose us as your dining partner.

Offering classic and modern elegance with a twist, Truffles is sure to please the most discerning of palates from start to finish, like a musical movement complete with arpeggios, crescendos, and brilliant finishes. We invite you to be an integral part of our arrangement of tastes, sights, and sounds.

Truffles also hosts wine tastings and dinners each month and invites you to attend. Become part of our mailing list to receive invitations to these exclusive events. Contact trufflesinformation@gmail.com for more details.