The 56 Degrees Bar Wine Cellar is an ambitious new venture for the Truffles family. Owner Mark Kiang has decided to share his extensive wine collection, along with spirits and beer, with the public via an online ordering system, with an option for delivery.

This exciting new feature will allow you to easily plan your own events and parties, subscribe to a Wine Bundle package of bottles selected by the owner or of your choosing, or simply restock your Friday night get-together when additional guests deplete the contents of your liquor cabinet.

Planning an event or party requires time to coordinate and effort to put together all the pieces the day of the event. Why not subtract one task from your long priority list by having your wine, liquor, and beer delivered directly to your home or event location using our delivery option? You choose the day and time for your items to be delivered and cross it off your list.

When you sign up for a monthly wine bundle subscription, you will not only receive bottles of wines selected by the owner himself (or if you prefer, bottles you choose,) you’ll be provided with recipes and pairing suggestions in your package and via e-newsletter.

If weekend guests have caught you off-guard and stopped by for an impromptu visit, you may find yourself without enough drink to keep the party going. No worries; just use our online ordering feature to have more of the cure for what ails you delivered right to your door.